Elea Plotkin 
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Behind the Eyes
Elea’s debut CD featuring keyboard-based jazz-pop songs that resonate with the classic influences of classic 70’s artists such as Carole King, Bonnie Raitt, and Phoebe Snow. Produced by legendary bassist Doug Haywood, side-man to Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt, “Behind the Eyes” delivers candid lyrics and soulful melodies with vocals that are clear, mature and feminine.

Little Rockets

Little Rockets

A blend of pop, rock and blues, with a touch of country, Little Rockets delivers an upbeat collection of songs that are sure to delight! Produced by musical sound- smith Doug Haywood, featuring numerous Denver area session players, this CD is a full-on tour de force.

Classical Dreamscapes

A collection of piano music featuring some of Elea’s favorite classical composers such as Chopin, Debussy, and Faure. --Perfect for a romantic dinner or relaxing interlude. Produced by Butch Hause.

Featured in Westword: http://www.westword.com/music/elea-plotkin-5081821

Covers for Lovers

“These are the artists who influenced me musically since childhood: Bonnie Raitt, Dusty Springfield, Maria Muldaur, Billie Holiday, Dave Brubeck…” Re-interpreted with the piano and vocal stylings of Elea Plotkin. Produced by Chad Johnson.
Guitar: Scott Bennett
Mastering: Butch House