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 - Background and Qualifications -
Elea Plotkin has more than twenty years of experience in teaching classical and contemporary piano and voice.  She specializes in teaching students of all musical levels, providing an individualized approach and customized curriculum in her private studio. 
Behind the scenes, Elea provides several services such as facilitating concerts, recitals, talent competitions and workshops for her students throughout the year.
Elea says her studio is unique because she offers a very diverse and broad range of skills in both classical and contemporary music.  She teaches classical, rock, jazz, blues and Broadway showtunes for both piano and voice; including vocal instruction for songs in foreign languages such as German and Italian.
Elea holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from the University of Washington School of Music.  She is certified in Colorado to teach kindergarten through 12th grade in music.  She has been a staff accompanist in the prestigious choral department at Cherry Creek High School, and she has performed as a singer-songwriter at venues such as the Gothic Theatre, the Dazzle jazz club, and other festivals in Denver.

Mission Statement

My Mission as your teacher is to develop the highest level of artistry in each individual music student and help you achieve your dreams and goals as a singer and as a pianist

A Track Record of Success

Young students have relied on Elea's tutoring to prepare for auditions for the Denver School of Performing Arts and have happily made the cut.  She derives great satisfaction when her proteges find the courage to compete, taking top prizes at local and national competitions.  She has watched her students earn the lead in musicals with the Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids, Rocky Mountain Conservatory of Music, Su Teatro Theatre in Denver, Audience of One at the Parker Arts Cultural Center in Colorado, and other venues.   Her students have gone on to record with record labels and have also received full college scholarships in music.
The favorite thing about my job is the joy of seeing a student learn how to play a new piece on the piano or sing a new song.  The happiness they derive from their achievement and success is the most gratifying part of what I do.

"An important thing to do is identify what methods can most quickly allow each student to triumph over specific challenges and overcome particular difficulties."

Piano and Voice Lessons Improve: 
                                    -Self Confidence
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Spring Recital

A music studio should be a nurturing environment.  Elea's advice is to never be critical, judgemental, harsh or impatient towards students.

"I am so proud of my daughter's performance and love listening to her play the piano!"